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Friday Files | Caylee Grey

by Ruby Rock-It Bella! Fundamentals | April 25, 2014


A very big hello, welcome to another of our delicious Friday Files.

In case you missed the first introduction here's what you missed....All great life documenters know and understand that the 2 essential ingredients required to document a life is penmanship and photography. Now having said that, you do not need to be master of either but you do need to write and snap. 

Surprisingly or not, most people struggle with these basic elements, and our objective with the friday files is to demonstrate how you can document your life with a little more ease and detail. We call it the "Hollywood Script" and it goes like this...

gives you the starting point for something epic.

So please join us each friday as we show you the essence interpretation of the hollywood script known as the Friday Files- we've provided a simple template  and each new month we'll provide a brief with a few simple writing and photography prompts  and of course our essence project inspiration based on the monthly brief, so you can create your own epic blockbuster.

Life is a little less ordinary than you think and we'd like to show you how you can craft a great life. 



  ECT Leader




Hey this is Caylee.  I'm excited to share my first paper project as part of the Essence creative team. 

As Aimee mentioned last time, Friday Files are great for scrapping the intangible. Not every moment in life is groundbreaking or exciting. Not every second is photo worthy. Most of our life revolves around that which we cannot see and things that can only be felt. Sometimes these feelings are even more important than the images stored on our hard drives. It's good to get these feelings out and down on paper. It's good to look back on how we felt about certain things from our past and how we've changed, or how we've stayed the same. 

This month I chose to focus on why I am the way I am. 


Not Me Without Them


I am one giant smoosh of everyone who has ever made an impact on my life. Each person I've known has left a tiny part of him- or herself in my heart. The love that has been given to me and even the hardships inflicted have made me stronger and dare I say... better... as a human being. Currently there are two who are making me who I am right now and they are both in this picture with me. Without them I would be a heap of skin and bones. My happiness comes from their happiness and I would gladly spend the rest of my time on this planet showing them how grateful I am to them. I truly believe that life - at its very core - is about people and relationships. That is where my gusto is directed. That is where my everything comes from. I kind of like me and I can say that without arrogance because I, quite simply, am not me without them.









Materials List:


Essence East Coast Foundation 3
Essence East Coast Fit-Out 2
Essence East Coast Building Cards (love circle)
Essence East Coast Foundation Cards (little circles)
Essence East Coast Mini Alpha Sticker Sheets (Finishing Pack 2)
doily, gold and white bakers twine, gold paper clips



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