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Glass Faceted Purple Beaded Necklace

by Dominique Marando | July 12, 2019
Glass Faceted Purple Beaded Necklace

Hi there! Today on the blog, I am making a purple and champagne glass necklace, made with the lovely diamond shaped beads from Just Bead It. This necklace is really simple to make. The beautiful beads are the show piece as their colours refract light splendidly, to give a luxurious feel and look to the necklace.

Just Bead It products used:

Additional products used:

  • Beading wire
  • Crimp beads
  • Silver crimp covers
  • Crimping pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Silver toggle clasp findings

    Firstly, cut a length of wire that will span the entire necklace length and begin threading the beads. Begin with one JBSV44 purple pearl bead, followed by a JBSV07 champagne-coloured faceted bead, and another purple pearl bead, finished with a JBSV90 purple faceted diamond bead. This simple pattern is repeated until you have reached the length that will comprise the front portion of the design.

    For the remaining space behind the neck, this will be filled by a solid stream of JBSV44 purple pearl beads on both sides of the main pattern.

    Continue beading with the JBSV44 purple pears beads until the desired length of the necklace is reached. Then, thread a crimp bead and one part of the toggle clasp onto one side of the wire and use crimping pliers to secure the wire through the crimp. Add a crimp cover over the top and smooth over with crimping pliers to hide the raw crimp. Repeat the crimping process on the other side of the wire, and the necklace is finished!

    Overall, this necklace is very simple to make - as it only consists of a single strand - but the effect that is given when light hits the glass faceted beads is stunning despite its simplicity.

    I love how the sunlight refracts the colours through these beads

    Thanks for reading - happy beading!

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