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Happy Days Girly Birthday Cards

by Alicia Barry | February 28, 2017
Happy Days Girly Birthday Cards
My daughter had a birthday party to go to on the weekend, and at the last minute I was scrambling to make a birthday card because while I have many cards in my stash, they all seem to be geared more for adults. Perhaps it is because the style of card I usually make is very floral and detailed, rather than just fun and pretty. So, my goal this week is to re-stock my supply of kid cards. These tend to be bright and simple, so it was a bit of a challenge for me to not go overboard with these. 
I chose the Happy Days collection as I love the little owl motifs for girls. I used Fundamentals card stock bases, and added a splash of lime green doilies to break up all that pink. The new sentiment tags from the fundamentals  embellishments range are so perfect for this style of card. 

Supplies used:
Fundamentals doilies

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