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Jodi's Christmas Traditions Projects

by Jodi Wilton | December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the festivities, and enjoying your family and friends this holdiay season! I am here to share with you today some projects that were inspired by my favorite traditions.  Do you remember how much I love to decorate the tree, where each ornament told a story?  I have three projects today to share with you. The first one I created was a hanging mobile for my home daycare:

IMG_9603 (427x640)

I found this wired and simiple looking mobile at my local mall, and thought how cute it would look with hanging photos and hanging decor from the Bella Paper Boy Collection! (You will have to excuse the mess behind it! The glory of running a home daycare!) The best part about this project, is that each photo and card is held by a clip, which means I can change it up anytime I want with new photos! Here are some close ups of the cards I made for the mobile:

IMG_9620 (640x303)

IMG_9621 (640x313)

IMG_9623 (640x434)

IMG_9625 (640x455)

Also, if you recall, one of my favorite ornaments (and my son's) was his truck ornament! I was immediately drawn to the Bella Paper Boy Collection (especially the cute little car!) Here is the card I made:

IMG_9614 (640x406)

Finally, I HAD to make an ornament. I used a plastic clear ornament and filled it will bella Wedding Line by rolling small strips around a pencil until the ornament was filled. I then placed the flowers on the front and the back of the ornament and add some bling too.  Here it is:

IMG_9648 (640x599)

So next Christmas, Ruby Rock-it will be a part of our stories, traditions, and memories!  Wishing you the most Happy Holiday this Season!

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