Ruby Rock-It

Keep Calm and Party on....

by Carrie Walz | July 27, 2013

Hi all you RRBF fans! Hope you enjoying all of our projects featuring the new Wedding lines, I know I am. It is so nice to see how everyone's unique style interprets them all. Today I am going with the more masculine side of the lines. It is great to see that although these lines are frilly and delicate you can still use them in a more masculine and playful way. This photo of my son was completely by accident. If you knew my son you would really understand a bit more. He hates his photo being taken and so I have to trick him into taking them. Well, I really think he is on to me because this time when I aimed my camera and called his name...he turned around real quickly and shot me this pose just as I snapped the button. Photos like these I really love and this one is no exception. I love the playfulness and "I got you" look about it. I chose to do the photo in black and white to make it a bit more dramatic and paired it with the Betrothed Wedding line keeping the tone monochromatic again to give it that more dramatic look. Once I got my basic design down I added some finishing touches which of course included BLING!



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