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Looking Back at 2019 | Celebrating our Design Team | An End of an Era

by Donna Baxter | January 1, 2020
Looking Back at 2019 | Celebrating our Design Team | An End of an Era

Welcome to 2020

Happy New Year everyone!  Welcome to a brand-new decade!    It feels like it was only yesterday that I was sitting here writing my first blog post for Ruby Rock-It.  That was back in July 2016 and now it’s January 2020.  Gosh, where did that time go?

I hope 2019 was good to you?  Whilst life can be full of challenges, I hope overall, your year was happy and prosperous? Did you achieve all you set out to do?  A new year is the perfect time to reflect on where you have been and where you want to be in the future - mentally, physically and spiritually?  What is it that you want to do more of?  Do you want to travel, spend more quality time with family or simply have more time for yourself?  Now that the year is in completion, were you inspired to learn a new hobby, visit a new place or make more time to craft?  Did you let go of the things that no longer served you, instead, focusing on what truly made you happy?  

I absolutely love this time where I sit back and reflect on the past year.  I write down all the things that I achieved and what I was grateful for.   Even if I didn’t tick everything off my goals list, it’s still satisfying to visualise what I have accomplished rather than focusing on what I didn’t get done.  Then I say goodbye to last year and look forward to new beginnings.   Another opportunity to set goals, make changes and convert dreams into reality!

Our Accomplishments in 2019

2019 has been a busy and inspiring year here at Ruby Rock-It.  I have had the pleasure yet again, to work with a wonderful team of talented ladies who inspire me every day.   Each team member has brought to the table their own unique creative flair and witnessing what they are capable of creating is absolutely mind blowing!   

It was with great excitement that we launched several new products throughout the year.  In October we introduced our newest Bella! paper collection of five gorgeous themes which included Dance Queen, Swim Medley, Free Spirit, Fancy Floral and Sprinkles.  Each theme represents something unique yet relatable to all of us in some way or another.

For our beading community we launched three gorgeous Just Bead It collections - JBSV, JBNS and JBRF and announced that Ruby Rock-It had become a stockist of Beadalon products into Spotlight stores and our online store.  Beadalon being a leading brand of innovative and high-quality products for Do-It-Yourself jewellery making and crafts.

In May we launched our Winter Bella! paper collection featuring Blush, Selfie Queen, Superhero, Wanderlust, Pink Lady, Purple Haze, So Blue and Red Gallery.  This vibrant range was created with the focus of where people are at in their lives right now.  Our new Winter collection promised to inspire and ignite the creative mind from within. We hope we served our purpose!

Back in February, we introduced our very first eBook titled ‘Beading Inspiration.’  Following this, six more eBooks came to life - Beaded Necklaces, Bella! Botanicals Collection, Cardmaking Inspiration, Beaded Gifts, 2019 Bella! Collections and Christmas Inspiration.  We created these “Look Book” eBooks as a way to visually present our beautiful range of products and provide our fans with an array of ideas and inspiration to create their own masterpieces. With a talented team of designers behind the creations, we were absolutely certain our crafting audience would be aesthetically pleased by what they saw. 


February was also the month we launched a new ordering system for our Wholesale account holders through our new and improved Ruby Rock-It website and introduced a weekly newsletter to keep them up to date with exclusive specials, discounts and new products. 

January 2019 saw the big launch of an assortment of stunning new Bella! paper collections which included Cosmos, Australiana, Seaside, Dapper, School Days, Birthday, Graduation, Greenery, Steamworks and the Glitzy Gold Collection. 


We also celebrated our new and improved Ruby Rock-it website and were super excited to be offering our beautiful products online directly to our Australian customers. 

Celebrating our Design Team

The Ruby Rock-It Creative team has been inspiring the Scrapbooking community for over 10 years.  We have had the privilege of harbouring many talented paper crafters throughout the years.  Our designers, past & present, never failed to disappoint with their awe-inspiring and creative talents.  Just give these girls a plain paper bag and they'd easily turn it into something truly spectacular.   In 2017 we developed our first Just Bead It design team welcoming Chez and Melody to Ruby Rock-It then later joined by Dominique.  Their objective was simply to create beautiful jewellery pieces with our range of beads and boy did they nail it!!  Their work was nothing short of magnificent!  How a humble little bead can be transformed into a masterpiece never ceases to amaze! 

The end of an era....

As I look back over the years, I am extremely proud of our products, our achievements and the ladies who creatively inspired us each and every day.  It is with a heavy heart that as we move into a new phase of the business, we bid farewell to our design team structure.  Ruby Rock-It will be commencing a major transformation heading into the new year away from the traditional core business of scrapbooking paper and design. As the Creative Team Coordinator, I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with such a fabulous bunch of women. We hope our scrapbooking community have enjoyed reading our blog posts and we thank you for all your support over the past 10 years.  This is not the end of Ruby Rock-It as such but is the end of an era for our blog and design team as we know it. 

Here's to new beginnings and to a fabulous 2020!  Much love to you all!

Keep on Crafting xxx

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