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Men's Beaded Bracelets

by Melody Gillespie | June 19, 2017
Men's Beaded Bracelets

Hi, it’s Melody here - hope you had a great weekend? Yesterday was Father’s Day in the USA and UK, so with this in mind I was inspired to create this set of three men's bracelets!


Men’s jewellery has become so popular and a handmade gift is the best kind to give!

I decided to go with an elasticised bracelet set. There are so many different options around but for this more casual style of jewellery , simple and easy to wear seems best.


The most important thing when making elasticised bracelets is good thread, a strong knot and great glue. I always go for a latex free, thicker stretchy bead cord - 0.8mm this time and I used a simple overhand knot with both strands threaded and glued back through the bracelets.


Quite versatile, this set can be worn separately or all together. The sheen of the metallic beads is a sleek and stylish feature of these bracelets - this design is minimalist and simple with a single statement bead which will look great worn at either the centre or off to the side of the wrist!


This set shows that you don’t need a lot of beads or beading experience to make something stylish and unique for the man in your life! 

Beading a great hobby to have - it is so much fun and friends and family will always appreciate receiving a new piece of jewellery on those special occasions. Happy beading!!

Just Bead It Supplies:

JBI32 Black Glass Seed Beads Large

JBI55 Large Metal Feature Bead

JBX38 Large Grey Metal Ball Bead

JBX14 Small Grey Metal Ball Bead

JBX21 Medium Grey Metal Ball Bead

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