Ruby Rock-It

Off the page and into the box!

by Carrie Walz | August 13, 2013

Hello RRBF fans! This month we are taking you "off the page" to show you that the Ruby Rock-It lines can be used in so many ways other than just layouts. I know we are always trying to step outside the so called proverbial box but today I am going to take things right back in...the shadow box that is! If you remember awhile back, I made a layout for my mom to put in a frame, well that was done in a shadow box also. The local Micheals had them buy one get one free and let's be honest, who can't pass up a deal like that? Well my mom thought that deal was short lived since she dropped the second one taking them out of the bag and cracked the glass, and if you are like me, I hate to throw anything away...always seeing a way to make "trash" work. A little bit of fiddling and I got the glass to where you could barely see the crack and got to working on this project for my daughters room. This shadow box was perfect because I used one of those wooden chunky letters to alter so I had plenty of room to use the wonderful Ruby Rock-It Decoupage without it getting flattened. Again, since I don't like to throw things away...this letter A has actually been alter 3 times now, each time to follow suit of my daughters "trendy style" but this I know is the last time because I am really happy with how it came out. I had so much fun making this and it was so simple, the hard thing was deciding which of the awesome Ruby Rock-It papers to use!


Products used:

CL02- Celebrate 12x12 Cardstock - Damask

CL71- Celebrate 12x12 Cardstock - Lace

MR38- My Romance 12x12 Cardstock - Damask

BW54- Wedding Glitter Borders x10pces (SKU: 9312271032354)

BG27- Bella! Bling - Borderlines - Clear (SKU: 9312271023727)

BG41- Bella! Bling - Borderlines - Pink (SKU: 9312271023741)

FD00- A4 Decoupage Pack

FD94- A4 Decoupage Pack

Scrap FX:

Art Nouveau Flourish

Art Nouveau Flourish 14 x 18.5 cm

Model: 2013217





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