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TUTORIAL: Re-Purposing a Container, COOK style | Becky Olsen

by Becky Olsen | January 21, 2013

It happens all the time! A really great container becomes empty, and I feel bad putting it into the trash, so I will place it into the recycling and wish that it were just a little cuter so I could keep using it for something other than what it had originally packaged for. Are you with me? 

Peanut can

Another battle I am constantly facing is the plethora of fabulous scraps from papers that I love. What can be done with them as they start getting smaller and thinner?

Cook Scraps

So as I was working on some projects for CHA, I ran across some really cute containers in our cupboard that had become empty at about the same time. Perfect timing to try an idea that had been brewing in my head  :)

3 cans top

Why not stitch together those darling scraps and wrap the containers? Definitely cute enough to use for all kinds of storage needs, and it uses those yummy little pieces that I can't bear to throw away! YAY!

I started by measuring the height and circumferance of the can and prepped enough pieces to stitch together to go around the whole thing.

Machine Stitching 1

A nice medium width zig-zag stitch has great texture and holds both sides together so it has a lot of great give as you start to wrap it around the container, that is a good thing :)

Machine Stitching 2

After the last seam is stitched, trim the loose threads if you like, or leave them to hang to give a little more of the home-spun look.

Place adhesive along the top and bottom of the back.

Apply Adhesive

Carefully wrap around the can and then apply adhesive to the ends to hold in place.

Wrap Around Can

Now, time to decorate with cute die cut shapes and yummy laces and trims! This is the smallest containers front.

Small can front

Small container top.

Small can top

Medium container front.

Middle can front

Medium container top.

Middle can top

Tall container front.

Tall can front

Tall container top.

Tall can top

I hope that you can find some fun ways to re-purpose some of your containers, and use more of those delicious scraps at the same time! Thanks so much for taking some time to visit us at Ruby Rock-It, Bella Fundamentals!

Happy Crafting!


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