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Spring Inspired Bling Choker

by spring-inspired-bling-choker | April 23, 2018
Spring Inspired Bling Choker

Greetings!  This is Chez with you on the blog today.... With Spring as my inspiration, here is a quick and fun neckwear that is full of that spring bling. I just love the colours and the sparkle of the brand new Just Bead It JBY range.


JBY05 10mm clear bicone bead

JBY06 14mm clear octagon bead 

JBY99 8mm lilac bicone bead

Chain, parrot clasp, 1 long head pin, 11 x eye pins and 2 x jump ring.

Tools- 2 bent nose pliers


First this to do is to cut your chain to length and add the parrot clasp with a jump ring, add 2 jump rings to the other side of the chain to have the chain complete.

This above image shows the tools that were used to get the chain prepared for the lovely beads.

Place your completed chain on a bust to work the rest of the necklace. Start adding your double pointers (JBY06) with their jump ring on the chain like in the images below. When you are taking these off their string use your pliers and open your rings with bling so you can reuse them.

As you can see from the above image I relocated the first double pointer to reflect the rest of the spacing. This will be a recurring theme with this piece. All will become apparent as we create the piece.

Next we have how to use the eye pins and how to create the colour pattern that was used. You can make them but you can wait until we get towards the finishing then you can add these 4 little gems.


Here is the other colour pattern.

The head pin is the next part to be completed.

Firstly you will need to add another double pointer to the centre.

We continue to build length and depth to the necklace. Here the use of the large crystal bicones on eye pins. You will have to create these on the small eye pins just like in the images above but for them to fit the width of the double pointer the eye has to be large.

Follow the images to complete the other side.

Here I thought I was done. Well I was done for the day. You will see how this piece transformed the next day. The image below is a hint.... 

The image above is where the first eye pins that we created landed out. This image shows where to put the eye of the pin around the stem not through the eye of the vertical eye pin. The images that follow show how to attach the 3 remaining eye pins.

Here is the end result.... I am much happier with this design.... I so love the way beads take you on a journey.....

Happy Beading....

Till next time... Just Bead It....

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