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The Queen Wears Green | Beaded Tassel

by Chez Mathieson | May 22, 2018
The Queen Wears Green  | Beaded Tassel

Hi this is Chez.... Today I bring you my unique tassel #2 creation... It's made from all beads and named “The Queen Wears Green” ... inspired by none other than her majesty's recent outfit at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan this past weekend. I have used heaps of stunning seed beads and lots of Just Bead It beads.... I hope you enjoy my take on a fun beaded tassel.... Enjoy!


JBH01, JBH25

JBY05, JBY12, JBY67

6/0 Glass Seed Beads Lime, 12/0 Glass Seed Beads Sage, 12/0 2 cut Glass Seed Beads Dark Green.

Needle, nylon and Ribbon.



The above image shows how to form up your dangles to get the centre of the tassel. The whole tube of beads was used to create the centre. Thread up your needle with loads of thread. Pick up beads in sets of ten till you have 80 beads on then pick up a small bicone and a seed bead and come back through all the beads you have just threaded on except for the last seed bead that is used as a stopper. Leave your threads long at the top so you can use them later.

You will have to do the same for the Lime seed beads but only make 6 strands. You can see one that was created in the above image.

When you have completed all the strands it is time to bring it all together.


The above images show how the tassel came together. Tie one of the two threads to the next one to bind them together. When they are all tied together thread up one of the threads and stitch it into the one beside and come down two beads, step across to the strand that you started with and come up two beads. You will be locking all the strands in this fashion.

The above image shows the completed binding of the strands.


The above images show how to attach the Ribbon.


These images show how to use your thread as an anchor point for keeping your tassel together. The second image shows how to lock your tassel to itself.

This image shows how to close up the tassel using the threads.

Time to add the 6 Lime Green Seed beads strands (40 beads per strand) that you created. Use the beads just under the first locking round. So that would be beads 3 and 4. You will be using the same threads that you used to create the strand. Just work one thread at a time, it is in a square with 4 beads like the image above. 

This image is the start of the Bling area at the head of the tassel.

This is the first round completed.

Add 3 bicones inside the first row.

This is the treading pattern that is added to the tassel.

This image shows the 3 beads that will make up the last section of the above treading pattern. 

This above image shows how to place the new strand that you created from the threading pattern. The last 3 beads are added after you have placed the other beads and come back through the strand till you come to the last 3 beads.


The above images show the adding of more Bling.

This image is the last part of the tassel. This part gets added to the last dangles you made. This helps to reinforce the heavy part of the tassel. 

Well there you have it. It is now completed. Hope you will enjoy the fun of Tassel making with beads...

Every day is a good day to Just Bead It!

Happy Beading...

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