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These are a few of my favourite things

by Teresa Horner | September 22, 2016
These are a few of my favourite things

Hi Everyone it's Teresa here today with a fun project to share a little bit about me.  I got picked again for the new team in 2017 so i am so happy to be with some of the most talented girls i know.  It's going to be a great year with fabulous new things to share with all of you so i can't wait.

And today I was asked to create a Mood Board with lots of fun personal things about me.  I love paper crafting,  hiking,  cooking,  jewelry making, traveling and gardening but i also found a few things that you probably didn't know about me.  So here goes...

So i guess i will start on the top left and let you know that i love to create outdoor landscapes.  I wish i had more time and money but i love to be outside and love to spend time in my garden.
The pens i put in because i love to do calligraphy.  I learned along time ago from an amazing teacher in college.  It is truly an amazing lost art and i collect old pens and practice when i get the chance.
The next picture shows my love for costume design.  I went to college in hopes of having this career but it wasn't in the stars for me in the end but i still love to make things for friends and family.  
And the Disney Castle is where i work these days.  I am a fairy godmother in training and I get the opportunity to do princess make overs for little girls all across the world.  It's amazing!!
The next picture is one of my favorite flowers.  It's called bleeding heart and i love the tiny little hearts all over the plant when it blooms, it's so delicate and beautiful.  Oh and i also love roses.

The butterfly picture is one i took of these beautiful trees in Indiana.  I love taking photos of the great outdoors and secretly would love to work for National Geographic.

The next one to the right is my dream house.  I would love to live in the forest with a huge garden.

And the next one is a picture of my first car.  I had that white beetle in the middle. 
And the bottom left photo is one of my favorite places to go and hike with my DH.  It's called Yosemite and is just a little bit away from where i live here in California.  We hope to visit all the National Parks here in the US one day as one of our bucket list things to do!  I did 12 already!!
And well .... I love, love, love Italian food.  All kinds, anything with pasta and sauce.  
And I am a huge fan of English tea.  We have a fun tea house here in Pasadena that has the best tea and the most yummiest shortbread you have ever had.  I have a huge collection of tea cups too and one of my favorites is from a friend in England (Christine)  They just make tea taste so much better!
And lastly is one of my favorite projects using Ruby Rock-it papers.  I love all the beautiful things we get to design with and i have so much fun being on the team with all the talented girls that i do. 
Thanks so much for stopping by today and be sure and check back for all the other fun and exciting things we are sharing with you this month.  

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