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Valentines Pocket Door Hanger

by Teresa Horner | January 10, 2017
Valentines Pocket Door Hanger

Hi and happy Tuesday to all of you Ruby Rock-it fans out there.  As promised we have lots of fun ideas to share with you this new year and i thought i would get a head start on Valentines with this fun pocket door hanger that i made.  It's perfect to surprise your loved ones with a hanger filled with treats and a special sentiment to tell them how much you love them this year.

I created mine with lots of ruby rocket specialty papers and bits of bling and other fun things i had so be sure and read ahead and i have a quick step by step on how to make it and a supply list at the bottom for all of you.
Below is a photo of the goodies that you will need to start.  I always love to grab all the things from my stash that may work and sometimes they do and sometimes i find other things that work better.  I think that is the fun part of scrapping and it gives you a good reason to hoard all those goodies to use for other projects in the future.
1. Step one is to cut a piece of kraft colored corrugated paper into 2 equal pieces.  Glue them together.
2. Then cut a piece of the white corrugated paper to fit around the bottom 6" of the kraft paper.  I did this by folding the paper around the bottom and then cutting it like you see so that i can glue it on the back of the hanger.  
3. Tear along the top of the pocket to give it a rustic look and then glue it making sure you leave space in the front to fill it with goodies. About 2 inches from the back will be good for a pocket.

3. Then cut a 3 inch piece of red printed paper and glue it to the white pocket.  Add the black border adhesive rhinestones along the top and bottom edges.  Also use a crop-a-dile and punch two holes at the top to hang a wire.

4. Add gold glitter chipboard letters to the top and also add the smaller white alphabet letters to finish up a cute sentiment.  There are lots of vowels in these sets so it's perfect to use for these fun little projects.
5. Add flowers, leaves and ribbons to the front and glue them on with a hot glue gun.  This works better because it's dries faster so you have more time to work on other things.
5.  Also cut a small 1/2' strip of the gold corrugated paper to add at the bottom.  This gives you a little more glitz to match the ribbons and the lettering.  Add the wire to the top and twist around the ends and then secure with a white mini peg.

6.  And lastly die cut some cute hearts with the red glitter paper and hot glue them to wooden sticks to put into your pocket.  These are super easy to make and the glitter is just beautiful.
Now you can fill it up with special goodies and even a special card to surprise your kids and friends with.  It's the perfect project for teachers to make for the classroom too.  
Here is the supply list as promised....
red printed cardstock
Black border bling
ribbons, white gauze, leaves, adhesive, wooden sticks
Paper trimmer, scissors, hot glue gun, white wires
Thank you so much for stopping by today and hope you get a chance to create something fun too!

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