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[W] on Wednesday | with Candice

by Erin Yamabe | June 12, 2014
[W] on Wednesday | with Candice
Hello there again everyone!
Today I will be sharing one of the many
reasons why I scrapbook/create.
Quite often I think about all the days of
life gone by and how much our memory can
really recall.
I personally would like to remember tons
more than what I do now.
When I go back to look at
projects of old especially layouts they
take me right back to that moment almost
as if I am able to rewind my life.
I can remember what it was I was feeling, where
I was, and what was going on in thought.
It is such a marvelous thing to preserve memories and
that is one of the many reason I scrapbook.
An assortment of products were used to create this page.
Pattern play is one of the most fun things for
me to do on a project.
I savor every little bit and piece that 
I possibly can to create a cluster of  art.
Currently I am really into arrows and butterflies!
These butterflies from Ruby Rock-It are gorgeous!
This is one the most brilliant segments to
share with you all. It is a pleasure to be able
to express why we do what we do.
Thank you for letting me share with you today.
Happy creating!
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